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Learning Environments


In February 2022, our Nursery extension was complete, meaning we had lots more room for our children to play and explore in. This also meant that we could have set provisions that catered for certain age group. Whereas previously, we had all been together. 

We are very proud to share with you our 3 Nursery provisions: 

Seedlings, an environment which cares for Babies birth to 15 months. 

Daffodils, an exciting provision that supports children 15 months to 2 and half years. 

Woodpeckers, an environment that supports and encourages children age 2 and half up to reception. 

Finally, we also have our Out of School Club – Ash Trees, where we have children from Reception to Year 6 come before and after school, as well as in the holidays. 

Extra Curriculum

At Ash Park we acknowledge that sometimes children have to be in Nursery longer than their families wish they were, that’s why we try our hardest to make every day as fun and as exciting as it possibly can be. 

We pride ourselves in the extra curriculum we offer to our little ones, we have Miss Dianne Dance come twice a week to all our children in the Nursery, offering singing and dancing for an hour. The children and staff love Miss Dianne and it certainly offers lots of learning opportunities.

We also take our Woodpecker class to Forest School in Kilburn Woods once a week, to see Sophie to Forest School Teacher. In the Woods, the children enjoy exploring and learning all about the great outdoors. Every week, they get to enjoy a great adventure and as well as a tasty snack that they get to help make and cook. 

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