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Our T&C's

 We love welcoming new families to our Ash Park Family, all children that do come and join us at Ash Park Childcare MUST have the following, prior to starting: 

  • Completed Registration Form 

  • Paid Deposit and Registration Form 

  • Completed “All About Me” paperwork 


Flexible / Term Time Only Contracts

At Ash Park, we try our best to provide childcare that meets you and your family’s needs as much as possible, therefore we offer term time only and flexible childcare arrangements. However, these contracts do have a 10% increase on the prices, to allow us to secure their place during the time you are not at Nursery. 

Cancellation / Termination of Contract 

After a child’s settling in sessions to Ash Park Childcare are completed, either party involved may terminate the contract giving 4 weeks’ notice in writing. 

During the settling in period, the contract may be immediately terminated by parents or Ash Park Childcare without prejudices. 

In the event of the parent / carer giving notice of termination and immediately withdrawing the child from Ash Park Childcare, there will still be a month of fees in lieu of notice.

Late Payment 

A late payment is when the bill payer hasn’t paid the invoice by the 1st of the following month. 

As part of the contract with Ash Park Childcare, the bill payer must pay their invoice by the 1st of the following month, (for example: January invoice given out in December is to be paid in full by the 1st of January). Should Ash Park Childcare not receive the payment in full from the bill payer, a late payment charge will be added. 

This procedure follows as:

  1. Ash Park Childcare will serve bill payer with a late payment notice on the 1st. Bill payer has until 12pm that day to pay the invoice in full. 

  2. Bill payer has not responded to the Late Payment Notice with payment, a charge of £5 will be added per day the payment is late. 

  3. Place terminated after 1 month by the date if no payment or response received. 

Late Collection Charges 

  1. It is the responsibility of the parents / carers to ensure that the child is collected by an appropriate adult before closing, in line with our collection policy. Therefore, Ash Park Childcare reserve the right to charge a parent / carer when they do not collect their child at agreed time. 

  2. Should a parent / carer be running late, Ash Park Childcare ask that they let us know at the earliest convenience to avoid the child being upset and emotional. It also allows the Nursery Manager to organise staffing to avoid Ash Park Childcare becoming late for their other children and responsibilities. 

  3. If a parent is late collecting and has not informed the setting, a late collection charge will be added. This charge will be implemented after 15 minutes, £5 late charge will be added for every 30 minutes that a parent is late. This charge is in place to cover the cost of staff who have stayed to care for the child that has not been collected. 

  4. Should a child not be collected, and the Nursery has not been notified, staff will follow the Collection Policy. 


Notification of Absence / Lateness 

The parent / carer is expected to notify Ash Park Childcare if their child is going to be more than ½ hour late or absent from Nursery. If staff have not heard from parents / carers at least an hour after the child’s agreed arrival time, they will contact the parent in line with our Child Absence Policy. 


Holidays / Days Off 

Ash Park Childcare will not charge fees for Bank Holidays and the 1 week we close over the Christmas period, depending on how and when the Bank Holidays fall, notice will be given to parents of the dates of closure. 

Ash Park Childcare respects and appreciates that parents and families like to spend time together. Therefore, do offer discount on fees for these times. 

Ash Park Childcare must receive 24 hours’ notice for holidays and days off. When 24-hour notice has been received 50% discount on daily fee will be implemented. Should Ash Park Childcare not receive 24 hours’ notice of days off or holidays, 100% fees will be expected. 

This condition includes holidays away / abroad or parents / grandparents having a day off. Parents / Carer must give 24 hours-notice to qualify for 50% discount. 


Unforeseen Closures 

In the unlikely event of a closure of the nursery due to extreme weather conditions, flooding, loss of utility supplies, heating failure, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of the nursery, (Force Majeure) the setting will close, and the nursery carer accepts no refund of fees will be made due to continued operational costs for the first 7 days.


Loss or Damage 

Ash Park Childcare does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of property on its premises.

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